Please recommend an AV receiver that can turn power on and off automatically when I play music

I ordered my SmartThings hub today and would like to eventually use voice control to play music. When this happens, I’d like to have an AV receiver power on automatically and sync to the music. I’m going this route because I have speakers installed in the walls of a few rooms of my home.

I should note that I only want a stereo out - I don’t need anything more than that. I will be using a chrome cast audio to play the audio - I just need an av receiver that will automatically turn on when I command to play the music.

Can anybody recommend an AV receiver that can do the trick? Thanks!

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Well, you are going to be limited to IP control. Not many low end av systems support IP control. Pioneer does but I don’t know of a working device type.

Might be easier to go the sonos amp and use the line in for Chromecast audio. Since sonos device types already exist.

Thanks for the reply. Will feeding the audio into Sonos via chrome cast audio mirror across all Sonos units?

It can via groups, but st doesn’t support groups but the native app sets it up. I haven’t done it personally, but I’m pretty sure you can distribute a single source across. Otherwise you are looking at expensive multizone and matrix switching.