Please help issue with Downlight not turning off completely


I’m fairly new to the smart home environment. I recently purchase a 5 Sylvania Lightify Retrofit downlight, they seem to be able to connect to the smart thing hub without issue, however when I go to issue command to turn off, they all seem to go to a really really dim mode, it barely visible unless there are no other light source. I’m concern that if I leave it this way it will eat into the bulb 20k+ hour life expectancy, is there anything I can do to resolve this issue?


They wouldn’t happen to be connected to a dimmer switch left over from your old bulbs ? Smart bulbs can not be connected to dimmers the power fluctuation will really mess with the electronics in the bulbs.
The power bleed through from mechanical dimmers is enough to actually turn on the low power needed for LEDS. I had 3-way switch in the stairs , that had a small LED in the switch to find it at night. That little bit of power in the traveler line was enough to flicker the Hue bulb all night long.

If it’s not on a dimmer, call their support line. I had one like that and it ended up being defective. Their support number is easy to remember, 1-800-Lightbulb :slight_smile:

It on a 4-way switch in the kitchen, there is no dimmer of any kind, just your standard flip switch.

See my note above about the power going through traveler is enough to power up the bulbs.

I will test your idea, one of the light in the kitchen is on it own switch, it directly above the sink and it also doing the same behavior. I will try to remove one of the down light and put it into one of the bedroom socket and see if it does the same thing.

Also, if it is that the traveler is powering it, what can I do to get rid of it? Do I just disconnect the traveler cable from the main switch?