Playing Custom Mp3 Sounds on Echo with a Raspberry Pi?

I am trying to figure out how I can play Mp3 sounds to my Amazon Echo using a raspberry pi.
I have been considering running vlc on a raspberry pi with vlcthing and bigtalker, but I don’t think that will allow the playing of custom mp3s. I would like to avoid using a cellphone in the mix as I believe LANPlayer is the alternative here. I would really like to stick to using my raspberry Pi.


I don’t think it’s possible to play custom mp3s to echo yet but you can play mp3 from an rpi with vlcthing. I’ve only used CoRE and webCoRE to initiate the playback though.

Hi, I think my original post may have been a bit confusing. I would like to be able to play Custom MP3s and sounds based on Smart Things events (e.g., door closure/opening).

I have a Raspberry Pi and would like to have the Raspberry Pi play these sounds. I know one can use Big Talker to say phrases, but is there something out there that can facilitate the playing of custom mp3s?

How are you using Core to play a custom MP3 on the Raspberry Pi with VLC Thing. Can you please describe your setup more?

Sorry for delayed reply… Here’s one of my pistons I used with vlcthing. File is stored in home pi folder.

I wanted to see how you have your raspberry pi connected to speakers. Are you using the Bluetooth capability of the amazon echo to act as a speaker?

Sorry for late reply, it is wired at this time.