Pistons not loading in webcore (25 August 2020)

My pistons will not load today, I get the endless swirl circle. Checked in the IDE and the smart apps are all up to date. Existing pistons are working, but I can’t get into any of them to make alterations

See the existing thread, it’s being discussed there

(The topic title is a clickable link)

Relieved it’s not only me, but when talking to Smartthings support, they said they would take note of it. Told me to wait a day to see if things settle out.

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There is a fix available:

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Which one of the webcore smart apps?

ady624: Webcore
ady624: Webcore Dashboard
ady624: Webcore Piston
ady624: Webcore Storage
Webcore-Piston: ady 624

WebCoRE and webcore piston… posted on the top of the images detailing the changes needed In the thread above.

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