PIR notifications from SmartLife when I’m not at home

Hello, I’ve just bought two Wi-Fi PIR’s, I can see them in the app and they are great for keeping an eye on my house when I’m not there. However I have to keep going into the SmartThings app to turn notifications on/off.
Is there a way to automatically turn the PIR notifications on when I leave the house and then turn them off when I get back home. I was hoping to use geolocation on my iPhone if possible?
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Which app are you using?

Hi Tony, I’m using the Smart Life app, but I’m happy to use something like IFTTT if that’s easier?

Smart Life is not the same as SmartThings… wrong forum? :wink:

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Ah, sorry about that :roll_eyes:


Sync your devices, there is probably a previous setting (for notification) which has not updated on a secondary device. You can tell google assistant, or Alex “sync devices”.