Physical control of hue lights with smart things

Lots of complaints, including on the Quirky site, that the Tapt marketing misrepresents what it does. (I suspect they ran into the Lutron patent.) and that it only works with GE bulbs, not Phillips Hue.

One possible alternative for some use cases is the SmartenIT 3 toggle switch. I am using this with SmartThings to control, among other things, some zigbee light bulbs.

Note that SmartenIT sells this toggle as a " remote," not a light switch, which technically avoids the Lutron patent.

I don’t have a Hue bridge, though, so I don’t know what happens with that.

And the SmartenIT isn’t load bearing, so you would have to first put dumb bulbs into a smart fixture.

But it will definitely provide toggle control for some smart bulbs, which is the main point of this topic.