Physical Contact with switch on webcore

I’m using webcore and was wondering if there is anyway to setup a rule that says if a switch is manually touched, then do this.
The logic seems to only be on and off but a rule or action could turn it on but I need it do different things if I manually turn it on.

ST as a platform doesn’t support it anymore. For quite a few years now actually. It USED to and you’ll find vestigial artifacts of it in WebCoRE, but in short, the vendor support was so flaky that when it did work it was buggy - so they just sunset it. So now, while some hardware does have the capability to ID a physical v. programmatic press - the platform doesn’t support it. Maybe that will change in the future…

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Some switches do not report when they are toggled physically and in other cases if you polled the switch and it sent back a result then that looked like it was toggled physically, and in still other cases a repeater might end up forwarding the toggled message in such a way that it looked like a network command. Plus the issue of 3 way switches where physically toggling the accessory switch results in a network command to the master switch.

So you put all that together and it just ended up being something that couldn’t be relied on.

Here’s a really old thread about it:

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