Capturing a physical switch press

Is there anyway to distinguish between a physical switch press and a logical one?

There is an updated webcore release coming out that fixes a couple of bugs. This should not work for devices that you see report physical vs. digital events.

This used to be available, but the problem is that different device manufacturers implemented this differently under the Zwave specification. In particular, some of them will treat any command which was passed along by a repeater as “digital“ even though it in fact was physical to begin with. This is the main reason why smartthings eventually withdrew support for this information. The inconsistencies were just driving people crazy. :disappointed_relieved:


Thanks JD! I thought I remembered it… :frowning:

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FWIW, I was trying to do this for the Zen30. In the end, I leveraged the fact that the Zen30 sends a scene response for every button press, whether you want it or not. Hence, a “physical” press, even a single one, is distinguishable on this device at least.

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That may be, but webcore has a bug that it won’t process it correctly anyway. Once the fix is out, we’ll find out how many devices have a problem or not.

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