Device Interaction

Maybe this has been answered and I didn’t word the query right…

In a webcore condition that is looking at a device’s changes as a trigger, ie Did this light turn on because I hit the button or because it was triggered, the ‘Interaction’ options are ‘Any’, ‘Physical’ and ‘Programatic’. My question is, what qualifies as Physical vs Programmatic if the light turned on because I turned it on using the ST app? Part of me says thats a result of a programmatic event, and part of me says its physical since it wasn’t ‘triggered’ by another event… This is important in the case where the device doesn’t actually have a switch (unless unplugging it counts) - i.e. a smart bulb, or an outlet thats hiding behind something heavy or whatever.

The short of it being - does hitting the on button from the ST app = a physical action?

Generally physical is when you are interacting with the device in the real world. So clicking on some pixels on a screen would not qualify.

However you need to make sure that the device handler your device is using will report physical/programmatic properly. If it is reporting it then you can check what it says when you turn it on/off with your ST app. Check this out in the IDE under devices and click the device to view current states.