Phillips Wiz, says on some need a hub?

Looking at Philips Wiz, in the ST app, there is quite a few that say, needs hub. I thought the whole point of Wiz was no hub needed?

I was maybe going to get a few but don’t want another hub, they can be basically controlled with Alexa, but I was going to have basic control in ST as well.

Newer Wiz WiFi bulbs can be connected to ST in 2 ways.

  1. Connect directly to ST using Matter. In this case you need a ST hub.

  2. Connect to the Wiz app using WiFi. Then connect to ST using the cloud to cloud integration. In that case NO hub is needed.

You can also connect Wiz bulbs using Matter to most but not all Alexa and Google devices. But that will NOT get you a connection to a hubless ST setup.

I am sure both companies would prefer you to use the Matter setup because after initial setup you are not using any of their online resources.

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For cloud to cloud integration

In Wiz V2 App enable ST integration

In ST App select Partner devices → Wiz

So how do I know they are newer ones that don’t need a hub? Any way to telll?

Happy to do it easiest way and would prefer, in fact I won’t get, another hub.

I have a ST hub v2

I only have one Wiz lamp but I have understood that the integration brings to ST all the lamps that are connected to the Wiz App.

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I don’t think any Wiz bulbs require a hub if you use the c2c integration.

Also your v2 hub can be used for Matter devices.

FYI: Wiz remotes and motion sensors do NOT work with ST.

It’s the older ones that don’t need a hub, because they connect cloud to cloud.

The newer ones that either have the matter logo, or that you updated the firmware on so that you could use matter, will require a smartthings/aeotec hub if you want to use the matter integration, because all matter integrations do at the time of this writing. But I believe you can still use them cloud to cloud with the original integration as well if you prefer.

FAQ: What do I need to add a Matter device to the SmartThings app? Do I need a bridge router device?