Do I need my Hue Hub if I get a ST Hub?

I’m going to add some Z-Wave dimmers and will need something beyond my current setup that only includes a Hue Hub. Do I need to keep my Hue Hub (I have about 10 Hue bulbs) if I get a ST Hub? And how well do Hue lights integrate with ST? Thanks…

Do a search for more detailed Topics on Hue, but the short answer is that currently it is recommended you keep and use the Hue Bridge.

The Hue bulbs can be reconfigure to be controlled directly by the ST Hub, but you lose the backup option of using the Hue Apps. And ST is putting a lot of effort in the “via Hue Bridge” version of Hue control. It is not stable at this time, but mine works fine for 6 bulbs (3 Hue, and 3 GE Link all through the Hue Bridge).

You also lose a number of cool features like transition times, and access to the very well done API.


So if I have both hubs - some Hues on the Philips hub and some GE Smart Dimmers on the ST hub, will I have to use two different apps to control the lights?


SmartThings imports the Hue Bulbs “virtually” from the Bridge and gives you the same interface as a directly connected bulb or dimmer.

There’s probably a better technical way to explain it… But the magic of SmartThings is that it can make web or lan connected devices work just like ZigBee or Z-Wave devices.