Phillips Hue scenes - official support soon?

Last month Hue announced official Alexa integration for scenes and colours in the and today the UK mailing announcing this skill was coming soon to the UK.

Today the IFTTT Hue channel is down for maintenance, as, yes you’ve guessed it, IFTTT and hue roll out the ability to trigger scenes.

Exciting times for Hue owners but this begs the question of when ST will make Hue official now that Hue are pushing out their Gen 2 scene access to other parties. You would imaging that ST have something going on in the background and perhaps the recent app update with “new integrations” could feature it.

I don’t expect a release date for this on ST, but perhaps someone from ST can let us know if there is a chance of this before Christmas - @aaron @tslagle13 ? Would love to know whether I go to the effort of setting up tons of IFTTT rules and virtual switches for scenes or should we wait for the official integration if it’s just around the corner? Pleeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee…