Phillips Hue Drivers?

I cannot seem to convert my Phillips Hue bulbs. They are all dimmable (sic) and are ZigBee. Do I need to do anything? They work fine and all show Local and the location. Thanks.

If the device type displays Lan Hue at the beginning in IDE, I would not worry too much about them. ST will be moving them over to the new architecture at some point. Of course, I am assuming you are using the hue bridge with the official integration. If not, report which method and current device handler being used.

There is a community developed Edge Driver available:


They all display ZigBee Dimmer in Type. No LAN Hue. All Local. I am not using the Hue Bridge as I did not use that to install. Not sure where to find Device Handler as I do not see that in the description of the device. Thanks.