Philips Hue White (840 Lumens) smart bulb

I could use some help here:

I’m currently running the Home Connect Hub
I have 4 Philips Hue White 840 Lumens smart bulbs. Two of them work but I can’t get the other 2 to be found.

The 2 bulbs that work, were found and installed as a (ZLL Dimmer Bulb) automatically.
The other 2 can’t be found. I tried to install by the brand etc with no luck!

Keep in mind I’m not using the Philips Hue bridge. I also tried to install as a “Smarthings” bulb.
I tried to reset the bulb by turning off and on 6 times but didn’t reset.

I even reset my hub to Factory setting.

Is there a way to create a device handler code to work with my 2 bulbs that can be found?

I need to get these other 2 bulbs working.

Any help would be appreciated

Thank you and happy new year?


Don’t know the way you describe to reset a Hue bulb.

This is used for resetting an Ikea Tradfri bulb.

The best / fastest way is with a Hue Dimmer Switch. Hold it next to the bulb, push the ON + OFF switches together for 10 seconds while holding the switch next to the powered bulb. The bulb will flash 3x to confirm the reset. Now you can add the bulb to SmartThings hub.

Grtn Ben

Thanks for helping

Unfortunately I don’ have a Hue dimmer switch I only have the ST hub.

I can’t understand why the other 2 bulbs were found and work and are the same as the other ones that don’t work.

any other ideas?

The only way youll be able to reset those is with a Hue dimmer switch. There was another way I found somewhere online but it is reported as no longer working. Are the bulbs new or used? If used they were probably disconnect from a hue hub without being reset.

Yes, I got them new a few years ago. When away, I would use all 4.
When I’m home I just use one light for the front door. They all worked at on point. I have not fired the other 3 until yesterday and out of the 4 now only 2 work

I googled that you can reset using Alexa echo. I have someone who has Alexa echo and I’ll see if I can use the Alexa app to find these bulbs and try to reset rest the 2 that don’t work.

thank you

good luck. hope it works


If I get a Philips Hue Dimmer, do I need a Hue bridge to reset the 2 bulbs with the dimmer? Can I do the reset without? Will the dimmer work with my Samsung Smartthings Hub

I don’t have a Hue Bridge.

Appreciate your help!

thank you!

There is a dth on the forum to use the dimmer directly with Smartthings and no, you do not have the Hue bridge to reset the lights with the dimmer

wow! can you send me that thread? I’m heading out to FLA next Mon. Would like to get this via amazon to me and setup before I leave but just want to read it before I go ahead

You made my day!

thank you.

I just ordered a Hue dimmer and will get it in a few days. Great! this is a good thing to have, You;ll never know, but i’m sure I’ll need to reset once again.

I’ll keep you posted.

Great to have you help!

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Just ordered the hue switch on Amazon. Thanks for the directions

here ya go.

excellent troy!


Great for resetting and as @troy_owens mentioned, you can add it to SmartThings.

The Hue Dimmer Switch lets you control the Hue and other lights via the SmartThings hub, without using your app. Handy for the bathroom

Great! Thank you!


Got the Hue dimmer and it worked like a charm! Got the 2 bulbs back.

I’ll just keep the dimmer for a reset tool. don’t need as a dimmer cause I have most switches in my house with dimmers. Just use the smart bulbs to on automatically when I’m away.

Thanks to all that helped me out and figure this out.

Happy New Year!


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glad you got them up and running

Couldn’t have done it without the experts on the forum.

thank you!