Philips Hue servers are down? [April 24, 2018]

Woke up this morning to my roommate cussing at Alexa because the kitchen lights wouldn’t turn on. I do wonder why he can’t remember how to flip the analog wall switch when this happens… But that’s a completely different topic. Anyways I woke up and check ST and see red unreachable for all my Hue lights. So I checked the Hue app and every light says disconnected. So Hue seems to be having a huge outage right now. I have tried rebooting everything on my end and it’s definitely them. Also ST seems to be having a problem with some of my motion sensors too. Really wish these ecosystems were controlled locally instead of cloud only.

My hue lights have been fine all morning.

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I think Hue is locally processed


I am not sure if related but my smart lighting routine for my hue lights failed to run 2 hours or so ago

Fine here, too, With both echo and HomeKit. And we’ve been using them in different configurations for about three hours because we are three housemates and everybody gets up at different times.


In addition, as others have said, control from your hue bridge to your hue lights is all done locally, there is no server involvement Unless you are using one of the “Hue labs” features that requires that, and I don’t think there are any active right now, although I might be wrong on that.

It sounds more like an issue with your particular hue bridge. I’m sure it’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:I would try the usual step just unplugging it for a couple of minutes and plug it back in and see if that fixes anything. If not, I would try Hue support if the native features like the hue app are still not working.

Perhaps it’s not affecting everyone but I am on the hue support facebook page and other people are reporting the same problem. So it’s not just me. Also if hue is processed locally then why do all the bulbs and accessories say unreachable in the app and can’t be controlled? Probably because they require connection to the hue servers.

“unreachable” means the Hue Bridge in your home cannot communicate with hue bulbs in your home. It’s all local.

That’s interesting about the Hue support page, I’m not seeing any new spike in trouble reports on the regular Hue Facebook page.

I’m also not seeing anything for yesterday or today in the hue developer forums or the Alexa user forums.

Regardless, I hope they find a fix for you soon.

As @JDRoberts mentioned, it is always good to unplug your hue bridge for a few minutes. Also a good idea to reboot your wireless router too. :slight_smile:

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