Philips hue reset to bridge

So… Hello all, I’m a new member getting. House setup with smartthings! Yay! Right?

So I initially setup 3 out of 10 Philips hue bulbs directly to the ST2 hub and have since decided I want to use the hue bridge inbetween. I wanted a little more flexibility and the ability to sync lights to music ( I thought the ST2 supported it natively, oops/ newbies are hilarious, I know)

After reading a bit I bought the lutron connected bulb remote to reset them and get back on the Philips bridge. Now that I bought it, I have no idea how to actually get them moved form ST to the hue bridge, help puh-lease!

Search the forums for “Dr. Hue”.

Factory reset video at the bottom of that page (bottom right video). Then you pair it to Hue like a new bulb.