Philips Hue Dimming Switch (no?) support

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  1. I have 2 questions: I have Philips Hue Dimming Switch connected to Philips hue hub and cannot connect it to Smart things - how can I do this? I’ve tried several device handler from community which work but after 30min the device looses connection to ST :frowning: Anything working out there?

  2. I am trying to write myself a device handler for Philips Hue switch. But the source provided at the official page for Hue Connect, in order to modify, ( is not working as it discovers the hub but when I try to add the discovered bulbs it gives “An unexpected error occurred” and cannot continue. Where can I download working source?


The Hue dimmer switch is not visible to smartthings when it is connected to a Hue bridge and it cannot be connected directly to the hub.

There are many people, myself included, who use it as a parallel means of control. That is, the switch will work with the bridge to control the lights and SmartThings will work with the bridge to control the lights it’s just that SmartThings doesn’t know that the switch exists. But smartthings does poll the hue bridge for the status of the bulbs about every five seconds, so smartthings will know that a bulb came on when the switch turned it on.

You just can’t use the switch to control anything other than devices connected to the hue bridge.

People have tried if you want to take a look at the existing efforts:

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Thanks JD,
Yes indeed, there are couple of device handlers from community, recognizes fine the Hue Dimmer Switch but after half an hour it disconnects from ST.
I was thinking whether events can be intercepted through the Hue hub integrated to ST.
The thing is that there are a lot of blackouts in my area and after blackout all “smart” bulbs go on, WeMo switches go off so needless to say that flaw in technology makes the devices dumb, not smart…
So through pollster every 2-3 min I restore the last known state (as workaround to that technology nonsense…). Problem with Hue Dimmer is that it generates completely invisible for the system events so cannot save the bulb states, that way pollster restores wrong state and that is way beyond annoying :wink:
So anything as let say Hue Connect Advanced with Switch support will be OK. Problem is that in official web site the Groovy code is flawed, as I wrote above, so need the working code…