Feature request: Using Philips Hue scenes in SmartThings app

I’ve been using Philips Hue for a good while now, and recently added SmartThings Hub and and other SmartThings devices to complement my smart home setup. However, I noticed that Hue scenes cannot be accessed from SmartThings app and cannot be used in automations.

I tried to define a similar scene on SmartThings, but replicating the scenes manually on SmartThings is a lot of work, and such scenes created on SmartThings are activated in a rather awkward way, turning lights on one by one. This is particularly apparent with scenes using 10+ lights. Hue scenes, on the other hand, are applied to all lights immediately.

Being able to use Hue scenes would make defining automations much easier for Hue users, and would also improve the performance of controlling a large number of lights.

You can do this by using the free Ifttt service as a “man in the middle.“ How much lag will occur just varies from household to household. At my house it’s a pretty typical eight seconds, which is OK for some use cases with hue scenes, but not others.