Persistent Errors with WiFi Signal Strength, and SmartThings Z-Wave Signal

I setup this week a 3-pack of SmartThings WiFi hubs (v3) that I just acquired in a new home. The home is roughly 1750 square feet upstairs, and a similarly sized basement, plus an attached 2-door garage.

I noticed the signal strength wasn’t great on the devices, and opted to double the number of hubs. I now have 5 running throughout the house, but I’m not sure it is helping.

Here are the issues I’m seeing:

  1. My connections for the hubs in Plume show fair or good for each of the hubs, despite their proximity being very close (I’ve experimented with only 1-2 hubs, and 5 total, and with differing locations; still similar results with either). I’m stumped for solutions.
  2. Perhaps similarly, I just installed a GE Smart Dimmer, and a few problems are persistently occurring:
  • a) I always get this message when attempting to change the dimmer in the app: “A network or server error occurred. Try again later.” (after a ~30 second delay)
  • b) Occasionally, the lights will dim, but will flicker when they do (these are lights that had their own dimmer on them before opting for the GE Smart Dimmer, and they were working fine previously)

Think these issues are all related? Is there software or hardware that would make it easy to diagnose the root cause of these specific issues easily?

Background fact summary:

  1. Home built 1960, with ~1,750 sq ft upstairs, a basement, and 2 car garage attached
  2. Home has aluminum siding
  3. This is with the Samsung SmartThings Wifi v3 Hub