Particle Photon Garage Controller "GarageControl" [DH and INO]

As you see here, is DO, D1, and D2 that are the signal wires. The wires from the other side of the switches all go to ground. I wired them them so the switches are open when the door is open so that if something fails, it’ll fail open. I’d rather have a false open instead of a false closed.

Fantastic. Then my switch should work. Thank you. I’ve got just one garage door but this will be a great addition.

If you just have one garage door, you can save yourself some money and use an individual low voltage relay instead of the RelayShield.

If you make any improvements to my code (making each door show up as an individual switch or the ability to use the door status to trigger other SmartThings events) let me know, and I can update the GitHub.

Yeah, that’s what I did. Although I’m using a particle Argon with a doubler board and a single relay FeatherWing.

I currently have Alarm Decoder tied into Smartthings so this will feed into my alarm system.

Good stuff. Do post your code so we can see how you tied it into ST so it sees it as a contact sensor.

Here is my version, and as far as I know, it works. Sorry, I’m traveling for work and the Particle Argon is at home, powered up on a desk, but I’m getting good responses from the Particle Console showing it is working. I haven’t bothered to clean out all the commented out, as I was just testing, but the g1Status should be usable as a sensor in Webcore, should you choose to tie that to something. I’m planning on tying a Honeywell wireless sensor in parallel with the close sensor, so that my alarm panel/AlarmDecoder integration sees the garage door as part of the doors/windows to monitor when it is armed.

One thing I’m running into, this is only a manual refresh correct? The problem is that when I click the refresh button, it will update open or closed correctly, but when it is is open and I click Open, it will change to closed, despite the contacts still being in the open position.

So it appears to be an Iphone issue. I tried the same thing on an Samsung Galaxy S5 and it works flawless, but you still have to refresh manually. What did you use to have it refresh the main icon automatically, given that it takes about 8-12 seconds for the door to open/close? I’m guessing a loop?

Mine automatically refreshes. It does take a few seconds longer than my standard contact sensors. WebCoRE tells it to refresh whenever a change in state is detected by the Particle.

I have added a watchdog timer, as the particle argon has frozen after working well for 3 days straight and I was unable to communicate with it, resetting it if it doesn’t check in. I have also added a heartbeat, so to speak, which publishes “ALIVE” every 15 minutes, which IFTTT then throws into a Google Sheets spreadsheet to keep track of uptime. IFTTT also has some apps that tie directly into the Particle Cloud, allowing you to monitor uptime, internet connectivity, and spreadsheet tracking of your Particle device.

Nicely done. It must be specific to the mesh devices; my Photon has been up for months.

Hi all!
I’m using DH and Particle app that was slightly modified. I have 3 contact sensors that are reporting status/position of garage door.
Smartthings classic app is working great with this DH, but in new app, Garage status is not shown. Any idea?

I haven’t been told to make the switch yet, so I haven’t the foggiest. That will be very unfortunate if it breaks my app!

For sure it does break the app, as my 2 years solidly working garage door opener based upon your design/code is no longer working as of the middle of this past August or so.

I am attempting to read up on how to convert the DTH, but I’m a little overwhelmed by it. I was given an example to use, but I haven’t installed the CLI to do it yet, and then also I was told that the use of stock capabilities could make it easier to use. Also, the Garage Door Control capability is deprecated and SmartThings recommends going to the Door Control capability.
Here’s a link to that conversation.

Upgrading to the new App