Parent Smart App Missing from Child Device

I’m just curious if something has changed or if this is a glitch.

I used to be able to get to the service manager app from the child device thing page, but the smart app icon appears to be removed. Is this a design decision or an oversight?

Wow this place has become a dead zone. When i first got here if I had a question 5 people would respond. Now there only a select few that do.

Was the question above a stupid one or not make any sense? Is this something that @tslagle13 can answer?

I noted that in this thread too…

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Lol… I haven’t read through that whole thread yet so that’s why I missed it. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

There’s very few developers working with child devices…
It always goes crickets when you bring this subject up.

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This surprises me because I found unbelievably easy to implement (by that I mean less than 8 hours work out the bugs)