Parcel Delivery Weight Sensor

Does anyone know of a weight sensor that would work with smartthings?

I have a storage box for deliveries that I want to know when a package arrived by reporting weight. I’ve tried a contact sensor but with multiple people living in the house there isn’t really a way to know if someone grabbed the package or not.

Sure, there are several or you can make your own.

Here’s one thread about the United Pressure Mat. People use this for welcome mats, to tell if big Halloween decorations are being moved, for trash cans, etc.

This project report is very old, so some of the references to the app will be out of date, but the basic process is the same. (The topic title is a clickable link.)

I did look at the pressure mats but from my understanding it requires a decent weight to trigger it. I was hoping to find something more sensitive that would measure a light package if needed.

If you read that thread you will see that you can get pressure mats that trigger at many different levels, there are some specific models discussed in that topic that trigger at 5 pounds, for example. In the thread, it’s mentioned that one person was looking for a mat that could detect when a Roomba docked.

There is also a link given in that thread to the smart chair topic, and that discusses pressure mats that trigger at just an ounce or more.