Params on href not being passed

Hi all,

I’m trying to debug an issue with the User Lock Manager by Ethayer, namely the user screens (which are dynamic pages) aren’t opening correctly.

The hrefs are created as follows, the key part being the params hash:

href(name: "toUserPage${user}", page: "userPage", params: [number: user], required: false, description: userHrefDescription(user), title: userHrefTitle(user), state: userPageState(user) )

However, in the userPage handler, defined as below, the params don’t seem to be set?

def userPage(params) {
  log.trace "Opening userPage params: ${params}"
  # etc...


Opening userPage params: [install:, id:b37fc0b8-0e7d-474f-9c34-4da95814db72, settings.undefined.value:, settings:[:], name:userPage, versionId:, currentPageInstalledSmartAppId:b37fc0b8-0e7d-474f-9c34-4da95814db72]

Note the lack of number being passed.

Is this a recent change? Any idea where the params that are included in the href are going?

I beleive this is a bug in the current mobile release, @RBoy noted that and several other issues very recently.

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Yep it’s broken with 2.1.6 Android. There is a workaround, check out this thread I created: