Simulator won't pass parameters in href?

I’m trying to pass params in hrefs, and when I use the simulator, it clearly isn’t working. I’ve looked for examples from other people and found this really simple example:

That looks like exactly what I’m trying to do. When I run it in the simulator, the output of the log.debug printing the params shows:

‎10‎:‎24‎:‎05‎ ‎AM: debug params: [install:, id:01a7eeac-b360-4ff9-92d1-d718f94485a4, settings.undefined.value:, settings:[:], name:secondPage, versionId:, currentPageInstalledSmartAppId:01a7eeac-b360-4ff9-92d1-d718f94485a4]

Which is notably missing any of the params set in hrefParams. Am I doing something obvious wrong here?

Don’t use the simulator. It has been broken for years and ST doesn’t seem to have the resources to dedicate to fixing it. Grab an Android emulator and go native.