Panel of experts makes sense of today's smart homes (CNET)

The “Aha Moment” for the company pertaining home automation!

Nest: for us is not about controlling lights from your phone, it’s about safety and comfort of your home!

Samsung: for us, is using SmartThings app to turn lights remotely.

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ah-ha indeed - If I used the ST app to turn on lights remotely, then I’d probably have to give up.

My preference is to not touch anything (germs everywhere). The house/lighting should manage itself for non-critical functions, and only rarely notify me if something needs my direct attention. Batteries, Leaks, LandShark, maybe Smoke-alarm.

To make the house more convenient and less demanding. I guess that’s same as Nest’s response.

Bingo! Nest is definitely staying on message… I don’t know if they are still using their slogan "The Thoughtful Home"™, but it sure fits.

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