Overrride motion detector light control?

I have my bathroom lights connected to the iris motion sensor, so they turn on when someone enters and off after 2 minutes of no motion. However, the shower and toilet are in an adjunct room and the motion sensor keeps turning off the lights while showering (and other business). Is there anyway to have the lights stay on without disabling the motion detector? Also, does anyone know a way to keep dogs from triggering the lights with the iris motion detector?

The simplest way is to add a second motion sensor in the adjunct room and then treat them both as one zone.

Alternatively, there may be an option using core. You can ask in the Core peer assistance thread for suggestions.

As for the pets, probably not in this particular case. Normally to reduce triggers from pets you mount the motion sensor higher or block off part of the sensing field. But neither of those is likely to work in a bathroom situation.

There are motion sensors that work with SmartThings, in particular the ecolink “pet Immune” sensor which can be dialed down in sensitivity so that they don’t pick up small animals. But that typically means cats, not large dogs. And if you can set them to not pick up large dogs they won’t pick up kids, either. So it can be challenging. If the dogs are small enough, say under 30 pounds, it may be doable, but not with the iris sensor.

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You will find, (at least in my house) the motion detection will also stop if your sitting on the toilet. My Iris sensors tend to not see you if your sitting in the same general area for too long.

Or it could just be my setup?

Hmm, might just need to keep sticking my arm out to turn it back on! Or at least change the light turn off period to 5 minutes so it happens less often! Our biggest dog is 75lbs so it might be difficult to block her off the sensors. Fortunately they tend to stay out of the bathroom unless we are also in it! Thanks for the info!

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When on the toilet in cubical, call the dog to turn the light back on.

Also if you are like most geeks. You probably have a smart device with you. We can’t go anywhere without them. Open App to turn on light.

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You can take the route that I did and put a contact sensor on the bathroom door. I wrote a custom smart app to run the bathroom, but this could be done by CORE as well.

The logic works like this:

When the bathroom door is open the bathroom light is triggered by the bathroom motion sensor (Iris motion), but only in Home mode, and when the light level is low (Zoos motion near shower).

When the door closes, the motion sensor is bypassed. (The light will also come on when the door closes if for some reason the motion sensor failed to trigger)

When the door opens, 2 timers are triggered, the first turns the light off (and other lights that may have been turned on) 1 minute after motion stops, and the second timer kills the exhaust fan and heat 4 minutes after the door opens.

All of the bathroom switches are GE ZWave so everything is controllable.


I am new to the forum, and still learning, but it seems you could put tags on the pets (easier than on humans) then configure the system to ignore the motion sensor routine if the tag is present.

Hmmm. That won’t work as the system will not function if both dog and human are present.

What about setting the motion detector at a height that only humans will trip? Leaving a dead zone from floor to a certain altitude - maybe 2 feet?

I am working on a similar situation: A night light in the bathroom that is motion activated using LED strips at the toe plate level of the cabinets. However, the dogs’ water bowl is in the bathroom and they, like little kids, get up for a drink at night. I suppose I could just let the night light illuminate their bowl too. :thinking:

Our dog trips our motion activated lights too. I figure she probably likes the light too. Plus it’s an LED bulb, only on a short time, sometimes (nightlight) at 20%, so probably not alot of power used.
I have been using this CoRE piston for a couple days now as our bathroom night light controller. Appears to work for controlling the light and keeping it on better than smart lighting did.

Just to add to this thread. What I do as well in my daughter’s bathroom is use CoRE to dim the lights to 10% for 12 seconds before shutting off, which lets anyone in the bathroom know that in 12 seconds the lights will shut off unless you trigger the motion sensor again! This works wonders when on the toilet as someone mentioned.

If no motion then it sets the lights back to 60% and shuts off. That part happens pretty quickly and is done because if the lights turn off at 10% alexa for example uses whatever level it was last at.

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I do like the idea of a quick dim to let you know your being too still and it’s about to get dark. :slight_smile: