Outside Temp sensor

Any suggestions for an outside temperature sensor? All I want is Temperature. Will be mounted under the eaves and out of the weather so possibly does not need to be rated outside.

What’s your typical weather range? There’s a big difference between Los Angeles and Minneapolis, for example. :thinking:

Pacific Northwest, 30 Miles north of Seattle. Normal temp range from 30 -90…Extreme temps from 10 to 100 F. Also, either Z wave or Zigbee will work

Most battery powered devices in the price range sold to work with smartthings won’t operate below -4 degrees Fahrenheit. So that might limit your choices unless the exact location is sheltered, in which case it’s not actually giving you the outdoor temperature. :thinking:

Have you had a chance to look at the following thread? It’s less than a year old and does cover most of the options.

Best Outdoor Temperature Sensor (2021)

Thanks JD. I was using an Iris Zigbee contact sensor with temp reporting, but it went TU. Iris no longer available so looking for a replacement. I’ll look through the link.

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I have several Iris v2 Motion Sensors outside around the house, under the eave or the covered porch. I’ve never had them stop reporting.This winter our low has been -6°F. I recently replaced two with a single Hub Outdoor Motion Sensor. (This wasn’t worth it: IMHO, the two $5 motion sensors worked just as well as the single $50 motion sensor)

I also replaced my Bloomsky weather station with an Ambient WS-2000 weather station. In addition to the station, I got 4 of their extra outdoor sensors. This report back to the Ambient console via 915MHz, which in turn talks on my WiFi and sends the data directly to the SmartApp running on my other brand hub.

Overall, for this purpose, I personally am not looking for exact temperature measurement, but close enough. And temperature varies quite a bit just on different faces of the house.

E.g., here are some temperatures from right now. The Ambient Osprey sensor array is out in the middle of the backyard, 60’ from the house. The 4 outdoor Ambient WH31E sensors are under eaves.
On the 2nd row, the Front Porch Motion (Iris v2) is on the house wall, 3’ from the front door. The Hue on on top of the screen door. The Front Screen Contact is an Iris v2 on the metal screen door itself.

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Thanks, I have an outdoor weather station, but it doesn’t connect to SmartThings…maybe I need to upgrade!!! I went to a separate temp sensor for the reason you mentioned…the weather station was in the sunlight in the afternoon giving incorrect readings. My Iris sensor was in a spot that was always shaded.


May have been mentioned before in other threads but I use the SmartWeather Station Tile in the IDE and it works really well. No sensor required.

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