Outlet for Hot Water Circulation pump

Anybody have any suggestion for a home hot water circulation pump? I want to create timers without buying and installing a whole new pump. Thanks!

I’m using a ZigBee Centralite Smart Plug. Even better than timers, tie it to a motion sensor. If you limit the tripping by motion to certain hours, you can always activate it via voice.

Brand and model of the pump?


Wasn’t sure if I can go with a standard outlet switch.

Depends on the specifications of the pump, that’s why we need the model number.

My Grundfos pump only pulls 25W max. I can’t imagine similar pumps pulling much more but it never hurts to check.

My old circ pump had a 120VAC wall plug and an analog timer. I automated it with an inwall GE/Jasco receptacle. All bathrooms in my house have separate shower light switches so I automated it based on those switches toggling as well as a virtual “hot water” switch that we can turn on via Alexa. Worked out well and everyone knew to ask Alexa to turn on water a few minutes in advance of shower or turn on the shower light a few minutes in advance.

I have since moved to a tankless so different setup now.