Outdoor Z-Wave Sensor

Are there any Z-Wave sensors that would be suitable for weather to place on an outside gate or fence?

Thank you in advance!!!

What kind of sensor? Motion? Contact?

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Contact sensor is what I am thinking to put on the gate, as we don’t always lock it.

Thank you!

Hello @gsgentry, take a look to this post, you’ll find many options discussed here.


Thank you but that is more about temperature. I’m looking for open/closing of my gate. But something that can handle the rain.

I’ve been using one of the Visonic MCT-340E sensors on my deck, and it has survived a couple of years. Granted it’s under an overhang, and is on the inside-facing (deck side) of a railing post (to keep direct sunlight off it), so it’s a bit sheltered from direct rain.

Sensative is the only outdoor contact sensor I know of. But gates can tricky due to materials (ie metal) and large gaps. I ended up with a go control contact sensor with external inputs, Water resistant project box and large gap reed switch.