Outdoor temperature monitoring options?

I have one of the Bosch Motions outside mounted it to the ceiling of my front porch to trip the the porch lights when someone comes up the stairs. It also has a temp sensor and it seems fairly accurate.


Interesting, didn’t notice that before. I’m using them in my chest freezer which sits @ -1, -2 deg F, haven’t seen any issues. Biggest issue I’ve had is long term battery performance in the cold.

@scipper77, updates have been reliable, I’m seeing updates with less than 1 degree change. The DH I linked includes the last update time.

prob good enough for freezer…
prob. not good for outdoors where we sometimes get to -10 to -20
i use the st814’s rated to 20 below…

Honestly, I’m not concerned with the temp when it’s below 20. At that point I’m taking the same precautions regardless of how cold for anything below 20.

When it’s 75 in the city but only 65 at my house in early spring is when this sensor matters to me.

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Is there not a temperature/humidity sensor that is actually designed first and foremost for that purpose, and designed to be used outdoors? So many of the answers so far in this thread are multi-sensors with insufficient accuracy and/or not designed for outside use.

There is not indeed. We are waiting on Zooz @TheSmartestHouse to develop something.

Sesative has a strip that is outdoor rated but temperature and light only, no humidity. And they’ve got another one that can detect water leaks.

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The amazon listing says it records temps down to 14 degrees. Have you found that to be true? I live in Minnesota and we are currently sitting at 23 below :frowning:

I sympathize with you. Have friends in St Paul.

Last winter we had close to 0 temperature for a few days and it still worked. But it’s USB powered. At those temperatures battery capacity decreases a lot and it will die quickly.