Outdoor temperature monitoring options?

Info is old and incorrect.
Works good for me on 3 sensors. I updated firmware to 1.10 and lowered sensitivity a little.

I’m glad it’s working well for you, but the information is neither old nor incorrect.

The user manual for that device says:

Please note that when installed outdoors of your home, your MultiSensor should only be relied on for temperature, light, humidity, and ultraviolet readings, where as the motion sensing capabilities should be disabled on your gateway in order to avoid false motion readings

And the smartest House (an authorized retailer) confirmed this with Aeotec less than 2 months ago:

December 22, 2017
we consulted Chris at Aeotec directly and this is what he came back with: “It can be used outdoor as a motion sensor, but the customer will need to direct the PIR sensor away from the sun depending on how strong the sun is in the area.
We add this as a strong recommendation as strong sunlight can trigger the motion sensor, so if the user wants to use it, it may take some trial and error to avoid this issue by twisting around the sensor away from the run, or decreasing sensitivity of some time.”

As I said, I’m glad it’s working for you, and it may well work for others depending on the specific placement. But it is not being sold as an outdoor motion sensor.

Submitted with respect.


I don’t care what anybody says. It’s working for 3 sensors.
People are just repeating the same incorrect (incomplete) thing.

If you were to read the manual you would’ve seen this under outdoor installation:
If you wish to use Multisensor 6 outdoors, you will need to lower settings, and angle Multisensor 6 accordingly as all environments will require different solutions or different settings for the motion sensor to work properly.

You don’t care what a rep from the manufacturer says?

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Read the whole post and you’ll understand why I said that. I also quoted from the manufacturer

Who is this?

Did you read this whole post? (The one that JD linked to above)

In the comment section at the end (which is also reproduced in this thread), they said they spoke to Chris at Aeotec. I’m guessing that’s Chris Cheng, he has posted occasionally here as @ccheng and he helped me with a warranty issue I was having once on another aeotec product.

My understanding is that the motion sensor may work well outdoors, or it may not. No one is arguing with your personal experience, but others may have a less satisfactory experience with the device.

This is all probably pretty much a moot point anyway, since the OP is pretty clearly looking for a temperature/humidity sensor.


I did. It only references what others say. And the article from The Smartest house doesn’t really talk about performance of the compared sensors. It’s very superficial from the technical standpoint.
The real (technical) meaning of my comments is that you can make it work simply by not having sunlight shinning directly on it. On a secondary note, unless one does read the complete manual for a product, one should not make definitive statements about a product. Also, if there’s a problem don’t give up and always look for a solution. In most cases one exists.

I’m not sure how any of this relates to a temperature or humidity sensor.


I’m using a cheap Aqara Temperature Humidity Sensor under my porch to monitor temp/humidity. It works great, and is accurate based on a comparison to my desk Oregon Scientific sensor and the AccuWeather virtual device. For ~$10 its worth a try, GearBest runs specials all the time.

There’s community DH that works great and has significant support.


not good for cold climate… only rated to -4 f.

Those look great, I went ahead and bought one from Amazon for $20

I know I could have paid 1/2 that.

How good is the update interval?

I have one of the Bosch Motions outside mounted it to the ceiling of my front porch to trip the the porch lights when someone comes up the stairs. It also has a temp sensor and it seems fairly accurate.


Interesting, didn’t notice that before. I’m using them in my chest freezer which sits @ -1, -2 deg F, haven’t seen any issues. Biggest issue I’ve had is long term battery performance in the cold.

@scipper77, updates have been reliable, I’m seeing updates with less than 1 degree change. The DH I linked includes the last update time.

prob good enough for freezer…
prob. not good for outdoors where we sometimes get to -10 to -20
i use the st814’s rated to 20 below…

Honestly, I’m not concerned with the temp when it’s below 20. At that point I’m taking the same precautions regardless of how cold for anything below 20.

When it’s 75 in the city but only 65 at my house in early spring is when this sensor matters to me.

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Is there not a temperature/humidity sensor that is actually designed first and foremost for that purpose, and designed to be used outdoors? So many of the answers so far in this thread are multi-sensors with insufficient accuracy and/or not designed for outside use.

There is not indeed. We are waiting on Zooz @TheSmartestHouse to develop something.

Sesative has a strip that is outdoor rated but temperature and light only, no humidity. And they’ve got another one that can detect water leaks.

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The amazon listing says it records temps down to 14 degrees. Have you found that to be true? I live in Minnesota and we are currently sitting at 23 below :frowning:

I sympathize with you. Have friends in St Paul.

Last winter we had close to 0 temperature for a few days and it still worked. But it’s USB powered. At those temperatures battery capacity decreases a lot and it will die quickly.