Outdoor spotlight for sculpture, SmartThings

I am looking for outdoor spotlights that can illuminate an art sculpture from below and to the side, and most importantly, that work with Samsung SmartThings.

These Philips Hue products, Lily XL and Lily, are the closest to what I am looking for.

However, the property does not have any Philips Hue components; we do not want vendor lock-in. Also, Philips Hue products are generally CRI 80, but this installation is in California, and even if it were not, we want CRI 90+ anyway.

Currently the best I can come up with is Sengled BR30 multicolor bulbs, in suitable outdoor spotlight/floodlight fixtures. It is increasingly difficult to find such fixtures however because everyone is going integrated LED. This also limits positioning of the fixtures to pretty close to directly below the sculpture since the beam angle will be quite wide.

What outdoor fixtures might work best? Are there any other outdoor fixtures, or line-voltage controllers, that integrate with Samsung SmartThings for automated control?

You might be able to use a Fibaro RGBW controller for low voltage dumb lighting. They can be LED or halogen. That would give you a much wider choice of fixtures.

Can you give me examples of fixtures?

I thought that kind of controller is usually used for LED strips, rather than spotlights or directional lighting.

It is usually used for LED strips, yes, but it can be used with halogen spots or other non lighting devices as well, such as sprinkler zone controls or fans in a greenhouse.

I don’t know what the CRI is on these, but Malibu is a popular landscape feature brand of low voltage halogens which would be one example.

See the manual for wiring examples.

@thesmartesthouse might also have some suggestions for other possible controllers. :sunglasses: