Outdoor PIR sensor

My outdoor flood lights are on smart switches. I automatically turn the switch on at sunset but rely on the flood light motion sensor to turn the light on when it senses motion. For whatever reason, the flood light sensor senses motion when the wind is blowing tree limbs etc.

What I’d like to do is find a good Smartthings compatible PIR sensor that “looks” at heat differences to determine motion. I could then use this sensor state to actually turn the flood lights on/off in manual mode and hopefully cut down on the wind causing them to come on.

I’m looking for an outdoor PIR sensor that works with Smartthings that uses heat differences to determine motion. Any experience or comments appreciated! Thanks

I haven’t tried one of these but the Amazon questions indicate it is PIR

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Good question, and one that gets asked about once a month and has at least six or eight existing threads discussing it.

See the following FAQ:

I suggest starting with the FAQ section of the forum first next time. :sunglasses:


@JDRoberts, you might want to add the IKEA Motion sensor there too. They have an IP44 rating.

The only issue for outdoor use might be this (from the manual):

— The unit can be used in temperatures
ranging from 0ºC to 40 ºC.
— Do not leave the unit in direct sunlight or
near any heat source, since this can cause
— Do not subject the unit to wet or
excessively dusty environments since this
can cause damage to the unit.
— The range between this unit and the
receiver are measured in open air.
— Different building materials and placement
of the units can affect the wireless
connectivity range.

The IP44 rating on the Ikea is so it can be used in bathrooms, which are high humidity environments. It is not intended for outdoor use.

@JDRoberts, I thought they were intended to be used on a covered porch.
(Picture from the manual…)

No more so that any of the other sensors which are sometimes deployed outdoors in sheltered areas. That’s not the same as the ones which are designed for outdoor use.

Plus the ones designed for outdoor use typically have an operating range like the following (for the zooz)

  • Operating Temperature: -4° - 104°F
    -20° - 40°C

A device which can only operate down to freezing is not suitable for outdoor use in most places in the United States in the UK. :snowman_with_snow:

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I know, I know. Actually I am in the middle of testing its capabilities. I installed one a few months ago outside in place like on the picture. (I haven’t looked at the temperature specs at that time.) But since that there was a few nights with subzero temperatures, but not as cold as -10 or -20 Celsius. It is still working. No complaints yet.

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