Outdoor Light with Camera decorative light (Not a flood light)

Does anyone know of a nice looking outdoor light that has a Smartthings (or at least an RTSP stream) camera in it?

Every one I find is a flood lamp. It would look rather ugly on the outside of the house.


If you don’t need something that works with smartthings, the Kuna smart light has been popular. Home Depot carries them rebranded under the Maximus name. Nice camera, nice light, but the only integration is for Alexa to turn the light on and off. Comes in 4 styles and a couple of different colors.

They also make companion lights which look just the same but don’t have the camera so if you have a pair of lights that you want to replace you can save a little money if you don’t need cameras in both. :sunglasses:

We’ve had one for three years and have been very happy with it as long as you’re OK with the lack of integration.

(I keep hearing rumors about a new model that may have more integration options, and some of the models are out of stock at Home Depot, but that might just be supply chain issues because of COVID-19.)

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