Integrating Kuna with SmartThings


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Interesting idea. I’m confused, though: Why would you use a zwave switch AND a an Aeotec micro ? The micro is already a controllable zwave device. Typically when you use the micro, you just use a momentary switch as the wall switch to give you manual control of the micro.

Or are you just talking about the switch controlling the light part? Because the Kuna has five parts:

Porch light


Motion detector

Two way Audio intercom


If you cut the power to the camera, then the next time you turn the power back on it takes a few seconds to reestablish Wi-Fi connection. That means you may well not capture the image you meant to capture because of that lag. So it works a lot better if you leave the motion sensor and the camera always powered.

But then the other part of that is that the Kuna is set so that when the motion detector goes off both the light and the camera comes on. That way the camera always has enough like to make a good recording. If you put the light on a wall switch, it won’t come on if the Kuna detects something in the middle of the night. So that could be tricky.

But maybe I’m just not understanding what you’re intending. We had the Kuna our house since it was first available on Amazon, back in August, and we really like it. The only thing we’re missing by not having SmartThings integration is the ability to have the Kuna motion sensor trigger SmartThings events.

(Ernie) #2

I wonder if the Aeon micro smart energy would be able to detect the energy draw when the light/camera was activated. JD I know you’re an IOS guy but people with Androids could theoretically intercept Kuna’s notifications and use that to control a simulated motion detector. I was doing this successfully with my Blink camera before rboy created a device handler for the camera.

(Matt) #3

My thought is simple. GE Z Wave Light switch. Hook both common wires to the same leg together hook both hot wires to the same leg together ( there are two holes on each connector for daisy chaining) put a zigbee or if you can find one Zwave light bulb in the Kuna. Now the camera and light are always powered but you can set a rule in rule machine so when you flip the ZWave GE switch on it turns on the light and off when you flip the seitch off. Also you can set it so that when the Kuna detects motion it turns on the Zigbee/Zwave bulb so it has light

(Edward Dentel) #4

My only goal is to be able to maintain manual control of the bulb via a regular light switch while keeping the rest of the functionality alive. Sticking the micro module into the middle should let the Kuna function normally but keep switch control as well.

(Edward Dentel) #5

So far it looks like this may not work. I had a few minute tonight and wired everything up before sunset. The instantaneous push button mode clearly saw voltage but in the 2way and 3way switch settings the Kuna light socket wouldn’t respond to Kuna triggered events. I could trigger it just fine manually on the micro module or via Zwave. I’ve ordered another micro module just to make sure I’m not dealing with a broken module.

(X Wired) #6

Has anyone tried to log into this device using Putty & the Micro-USB connector inside the cam?

It would be nice to have the device bypass the cloud allowing the owner to take control over a device they actually paid for.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #7

Ooooo… Nice discovery. I didn’t know a plug was there.

There’s a chance it is Android, believe it or not, and ADB might work.

But I’m not taking mine off the wall to play with it…

(Ray) #8

And why not? We are counting on you!

(X Wired) #9

They make a couple different lights but I would think the guts are going to be the same.
There are several pics on this site.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #10

Well… Still wondering if ADB (Android debugger) might connect with that port.

Or its just serial, but at what baud, etc.

(X Wired) #11

I see no way to PM on this board.

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It restricts brand new users from sending PMs.

(X Wired) #13

It is RS232 9600,N,8,1 and you can use Putty to get in.

(X Wired) #14

Also the unit will power up via the USB.

Is your unit the same as the one linked to ?

(Yves Racine) #15

Here is a referral for $20 off the Kuna outdoor light (and motion cam):

(Mark) #16

Newegg is selling a few kuna devices for the same price right now. And there’s even a $20 discount code too, use MSPRING.