Outdoor Christmas Lights safety?

I know this is a little off topic but since there are alot of smart people here I trust I figured I would ask here. I apologize if this is not allowed, delete if need be.

Should I be taping the plug connections for my Christmas lights? If so, electrical tape?

We started decorating early :smile:

I have them plugged into an Outdoor GE Zwave plug which is plugged into an outside GFCI outlet. The outlet is covered with one of the plastic covers attached to it but that’s the only thing that is covered. The GE outlet is recessed so I assume this is ok and its an outdoor module. I have never taped anything before but have been reading way to may fire stories.

I just want to keep everything safe.


Any outdoor strings of lights with plugs to extend it needs something like this for exposed connections. Amazon, HD, Lowes has tons of them…

I have the same setup outdoors without a tape without any tape in extreme cold conditions

And for exposed connectors use the one I posted before. This is to extend your string lights outdoors may be lying on the ground on trees to protect plugs plugged into the outlets. So that water cannot seek in.

Perfect, I didn’t know this existed.
Thanks for your answer!

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Worked in extremely horrid winter last year in NE for holiday season, Christmas and new year…

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I re-purposed a baby butt wipe box for containing holiday lighting electrical connections. :joy:
One hole and a grommet handles everything nicely, and it’s easily hidden in shrubbery!

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Is the idea to keep the connection completely sealed or just to keep it from getting directly hit by water? I also have one of those outdoor vertical outlet strips that you stake in the ground to plug stuff into but I don’t see a way to protect that if I even have to. I think I was more concerned with the extension cords laying on the ground, these connectors will help that :smile: