Outage broke some smartapps

When this last outage occurred, it seems to have broken several of my SmartApps. It seems that its the apps that required oauth that are broken. I’m not really sure what to do to fix them. I’d really rather not uninstall them and lose the settings I’ve made. Is anyone else experiencing this? How do I fix it?

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Try to revoke the OAuth settings and then grant the permissions again. After that open each SmartApp and click on Save.


I couldn’t find a way to revoke the OAuth settings without deleting the apps. I’m not sure I could explain how I fixed this. NST started working again after I failed to uninstall it due to an unexpected error. What maybe did it for the other apps was attempting to delete them from the IDE would produce an error, but It would allow me to click enable OAuth again. Then went into the SmartApps from my phone and ran through them like I was installing them, even though they already had all the info, and saving that. What was weird is that I could control devices only available through the smartapp, but they couldn’t update to smartthings.

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