OTA Update Broken After Latest SmartThings App Update

Before this latest SmartThings app update, I was able to do OTA updates to my direct connected device without issue. Now I am still able to do an OTA update, but after the initial update is done, the new version says “Firmware version undefined” instead of the version number under “Information”. And then no subsequent updates are shown as available. Has anyone else seen this? @nayelyz thoughts?

Please, send a screen record of the issue (showing it updates once but the info values are incorrect) and the mobile app logs.

The process to get the mobile logs is different in each OS, if you have an Android device there are two options as well.
Which OS are you using?

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@nayelyz it looks like the new firmware version does eventually show up. Previously it would show the new firmware version immediately. With this new update, it first shows “Firmware version undefined”. I looked an hour later, it still showed that. But a day later it shows the new version number.