Osram Smart socket - power consumption

Few days ago I bought few Osram Smart Sockets https://www.amazon.de/schaltbare-Steckdose-Lichtsteuerung-kompatibel-Kompatibel/dp/B074PZLX2P/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8

Everything works OK, but I cannot see what is the current power consumption. Is there way to see it? May be with custom DH?

What DTH are you currently using for this device?

ZigBee Switch Power

Try changing it to SmartPower Outlet, it might improve things for you.

Same things. Show consistently 40W.

Are you sure that socket is capable of sending power consumption? I’m just confirming because I didn’t see that listed as one of the capabilities in the PDF’s.

Looking at ST’s DTH for both, it looks like they should be using the same cluster and attribute for power capabilities, but we won’t know for sure until you test.

If that doesn’t work for you, open Live Logging, and look for the smart socket in the list of devices sending messages. If you see something like “DID NOT PARSE MESSAGE…”, then the socket could be using a different attribute for power values. In that same message will be the cluster and attribute ID. You can then experiment with a custom DTH to get power values.

That’s what I would have expected. It looks like the socket isn’t capable of sending power values according the Osram’s documentation, but that doesn’t mean the device isn’t sending something (I’ve seen that before). If Live Logging is sending those “did not parse” messages, then it means it’s sending something the default DTH’s don’t know what to do with.

Thanks . I’ll check. As the check interval value is 720 so may be I have to wait a bit.

Most probably problem with the firmware: https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/issues/624

Ah, good find. Perhaps if you have an Osram hub you can update the firmware? I know you can do that with their bulbs, but I’m not sure about their other products.

Unfortunately I don’t have (this is the idea to use ST - to have just one GW for all Z-Wave and ZigBee devices. Unfortunately I cannot find something reasonable for the sockets - ZigBee (as I want to use them as e repeaters), EU standard, promising quality (as I don’t want to “play” with the power) and finally - on acceptable price.
P.S. Also I got answer from support that there is no power metering in this socket.

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You can still stay with one hub, but by having an Osram hub you can temporarily join your devices to that so they get upgraded (much faster than ST will do it), and then move your devices back to your ST hub. It’s a little more work, but at least you’ll know you can get to the latest firmware for your devices when you want to.