Osram Lightify and changing color temp question

I am seeing $24.99 for a BR30… is there a better price than that?

some Lowe’s stores have them for 75% off.

I bought 5 today for $7.49/ea

what i am most interested in is, how can i use ST to control the color temp and dim level for all 5 bulbs at once? Right now, i have to go into each bulb individually under the ‘Things’ menu to access and tune each bulb.


I was told to create a virtual switch in the IDE and have that trigger an automation created in the ST app that will change the temperature on these bulbs.

Using WebCoRE for automation on my Osram lightify gardenspots has been the fix for getting the correct color. Smartthings uses the bulbs with the Philips HUE color ranges and that’s why they are all jacked. Some way of mapping the colors or a special device type handler might fix, but haven’t tried that.