Osram bulbs - Can it fade? Which DH to use?

I have all types of Osram lightify indoor bulbs in my house I believe :slight_smile:
They are all connected to ST.

When connected to the Lightfy hub, they can fade level, meaning in the official app when choosing another level of light, instead of just cutting directly to that level, it makes a smooth transition to the new level in just split second or so. Looks better than just cutting.

But when hooked up to ST, I cannot do the same effect. I’m using CoRE to program a lot of stuff, and it has a “fade” and "fade (level) but they dont do the trick.

I’m thinking either I’m missing a feature in CoRE or I should should use a diffent DH og 3rd, it just cannot fade through ST.

My current used DH:
Color: ZLL RGBW Bulb
Whites: ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb

Small update. I see in IDE when changing DH, that there is a official DH called “Osram lightify turnable white 60w”, but why dont they have any for the colored??

But would that official DH be better than the “ZLL White Color Temperature Bulb”

I think we need to find someone who can modify the code. I have the strips I would like to see get the fade/transition to work.

I also have the gardenspots and recently this DH was released. I have been using it to loop colors and the transition works.

Most of the people using Osram devices are in the following thread, I would ask your questions there so they will see them.