Orvibo Zigbee sensors?

Hi there. Has anyone tried the Orvibo motion and magnetic door sensors? I have two that have just arrived to test. Any suggestions on what to do as I doubt they will be recognised?

Many thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

They say they use the Zigbee Home Automation profile which is the same one SmartThings uses, so that’s good. :sunglasses:

They will probably pair with SmartThings just as a “thing.” After that, go into the IDE and change the device type to a similar Zigbee sensor which is recognized by smart.things and it may just work. If not, come back to the forums and somebody will probably be able to help you create a device type for it. But there’s a good chance they may work as is, doesn’t look like they have any unusual features relative to the other sensors on the market.

This is the Model, right?


Hi there. Thanks for the fast reply. Yes those are the window sensors. The motion detectors are on Banggood and are about half the price of the usual ones out there.

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I saw the announcement at CES this year, nice looking devices. Let us know how they work out. :sunglasses:

BTW, if it’s just a matter of price, the Lowe’s 2nd generation Iris contact sensors only cost a few dollars more than the orvibo ones, and the
Iris sensors include a temperature sensor. So I think prices for zigbee sensors have been coming down in the last 12 months. The Orvibo are prettier, though. :wink:


Thanks again for your advice. I am in the UK so we have a more limited selection of sensors. Right good news is that the contact sensor works by doing exactly what you said to do and using the Open/Closed Sensor option.

The motion detector doesnt work yet as such. I am currently using the generic Motion Detector option. The sensor will detect motion the first time but then remains active and reporting motion. I will try a couple of the other sensor options in the list again.

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Bit of an odd one. The motion sensor works using the generic motion sensor profile however as I said earlier it constantly shows active and indicates motion. That never changes no matter how long you wait. However, when I go into the live logging and wave my hand in front of the sensor I see the action detected each time although the app on my phone shows nothing and in the My Devices-Sensor-Current Action never changes from - Current States • motion: active.

Any ideas anyone?

Anyone able to help me please? If live logging is reporting the motion sensor detection motion then I need to get a way to tell the GUI to report the detection and then go back to waiting for the next report. Currently the GUI - both app and web - is reporting the presence of motion constantly.

Apologies but I am reasonably new to this! :slight_smile:

Tagging @mitchp and @erocm1231 , they may have some ideas. :sunglasses:

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@rednose66, if you could post some excerpts from Live Logging, that would be quite helpful :slightly_smiling:


The Xiaomi motion sensor that I have been testing acts the same way. You can look at the code for it or perhaps even try the device handler. It only reports when it is active, so the device handler has to handle the “inactive” part. I do this with the SmartThings runIn() method.


@mitchp @erocm1231 @JDRoberts thanks for all of your assistance. I will post the live logging output over the weekend as I am working nights at the moment.

I tried using your device handler @erocm1231 but the sensor doesn’t work at all. I will take a look at your code and see hoiw you deal with the inactive periods that the sensor has and see if I can apply it to get this one to work.

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It is actually very simple. In the device handler where the motion report is handled you add something similar to this:

if (value == "active") runIn(120, stopMotion)

Then create a method called stopMotion:

> def stopMotion() {
>    sendEvent(name:"motion", value:"inactive")
> }

The runIn call will overwrite itself each time it is called so if motion keeps being detected it will keep pushing out the stopMotion call.

Let us know how it goes!


@rednose66, thanks for sharing the link to those devices. You mentioned that the Orvibo Open/Close sensor is working. Did you use the generic device handler? Is it reporting battery status? About to place an order for them and wanted to check…

@BlackCatPeanut yes it works on the generic device handler but there is no battery level showing on it.

You username has me hungry now - Black Cat Peanut Butter and honey on toast! mmmmmmmm :slight_smile:

Ordered one as a “test” if work ok, think I’ll order more as it’s nigh on 2 for 1 compared to ST ones, if don’t need the temp or vibration (which I find flaky as get outshot vibration alarms on my doors, through night for example).

So when you add them, you have to goto the IDE, and choose what device please?


@R2D2 - I snapped the screenshots for you in this post: Cheap door sensor £15

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Hi just bought one of these orvibo sensors.Its all new to me adding items to hub,Do i need to add a device handler as i changed it to a open/closed sensor and it say its constanly open?


Copy the device handler for your device, eg. Orvibo Contact Sensor: [RELEASE] Orvibo Contact Sensor (Github link: https://github.com/a4refillpad/orvibo/blob/master/orvibo-contact-sensor.groovy -> Click “Raw” and copy the code)

Log in your IDE and create new Device Handler, paste the code, Save, Publish.
Find your new “Thing” via your mobile. In IDE find your new Thing/Device and edit it and choose your new device handler for it.