Orvibo wall switch as zigbee repeater

I have a smartthings hub with xiaomi door sensors, motion sensors, temp sensors.
I just installled and setup the orvibo wall switch. It connected ok to the network nad works fine.
How can I tell whether orvibo is actually working as a repeater and the two door sensors next to it are connected through this repeater?

The only way we have been able to tell is by mapping out the zigbee network using an xbee. You can search this forum as well as the hubitat forums for lots of information on the xbee.

I’ve done it with my network and it’s nice to see that the routers are working and what is connected to them.

It can seem kind of intimidating at first but is worth it.

Keep in mind the xiaomi devices are very finicky with what can route them properly. According to the thread below the Orvibo outlet is known to work properly. No word on the switch.