Orvibo switch Model#: Cab-T10W1ZW-1UO 3way?

I have been looking at the orvibo in wall paddle switch and finally ordered a few. I have been trying to figure out how to use them in a 3way situation as it clearly states on the sticker covering the traveler screw that it should only be used in 3way situations and not connected to power ground or neutral… however I can find nothing regarding 3ways and this switch online.

In the first picture you will see the right side of the switch. With the hot(power in) and load(switched power to light) and ground in the middle.

In the second picture you will see the left side of the switch. With the neutral wire(white) and the traveler wire(usually red, to communicate from one switch to another). On the yellow sticker covering the traveler wire it says for 3 way installation only.

How do I wire for a 3way with this connection point? (2 switches controlling the same light) for example in a hallway or stairwell.

Right now I am using two orvibo smart switches and connecting the traveler wire to both traveler screws to connect the two switches. This is not working.
How can I make this work?
I will buy many more if this feature can be used.
Is there a different “add-on” or “slave” switch needed instead of two smart switches?(I tried a ge add-on, didn’t work)
Do I wire one smart switch in with one regular 3way switch?
Or is this something that is set up to work after the hub is installed and is done on the app?

I have wired regular 3ways without issues, and ge smart 3 ways without issues!

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

travellers require 2 wires. Circuits require 2 wires. Do you have 2 wires to the remote switch to function as travellers?

Sounds like the remote switch will just act as low voltage signal. Strange how the instructions could be so poor as to not describe 3way.

If there really is only one terminal marked “traveller” then the only possible other connection is from neutral to remote switch. The switched leg from the remote switch is then wired to “traveller” terminal.

I didn’t find a diagram either but I didn’t look too hard. Too goofy.

Did you ever get the Orvibo to work in a 3 way situation?