OR-IF commands im webcore

I use a lot of or if commands in the old core version. However in webcore I can’t figure out. I have quite a few dimmer switches that basically when I execute a routine I want them of off to set level to 100(done this no problem) however I want if the routine is executed and level is >1% to turn off. Can’t figure out how to do this

Nested If statement.

On (event you want to check) then check something g else.

If routine x executes
If dimmer y. Level <= 1 then
Do a thing
Do a different thing
Do nothing
End if

And forgive my indents the community website killed them…


I haven’t tried this command so many different ways and no matter what it doesn’t work


I tried this and it does nothing at all

This seemed to get it to do what I want for now. I’m sure I’ll be back with more questions at some point. Webcore is confusing to me lol

You should check out the webcore community forum at https://community.webcore.co

Yep, that “is when off” looked strange. Not even sure what that is.