Options for mixing google products and smartthings in place of old creston controller poorly implemented

Hi guys,

I’m venturing into IoT world and I have a nice opportunity to start doing it in a house that has some poorly implemented home automation where a lot of money was spent on hardware without actually making good use of them. My idea is to use Google nest devices like thermostat, smoke detector, cameras, hello doorbell, google home hub/speakers on one side of the system, and on the other side use Smartthings with the zwave/zigbee world of sensors to control lights, door locks, garage doors, etc… And somewhere in the middle use the current Sonos AMP devices to control audio playback across the house.

There is a creston 3 controller controlling a HDMI switch, some home theatre stuff, lutron lights, but I’m not convinced with it. It feels like it was poorly implemented. I’m hoping to control everything with voice using google assistant, and I believe even the Sonos AMP may be able to accept google voice commands.

I’m wondering what your opinions are about this scenario and what would you recommend me doing please. I’m doing this as my first gig as I come from a IT support and Network Engineering background, so I love the techy side and I want to eventually make this a profession.

Please feel free to scrutinise as much as you feel like, I’m all ears and would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks guys! Hopefully this will be the first of many projects and then I can start contributing here on the community.