Open-close sensor that uses CR-2 battery

I’m looking for some Smartthings-reliable open-close sensors that use rechargeable (preferably CR-2) batteries. The old Smartthings branded sensors used to be my go-to but I’m not too excited about the latest versions that only use CR-2450. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you have!

Rechargeable batteries are generally not used for Home Automation sensors in the budget tier that most smartthings customers are looking for. Because they have a different drop off curve than non-rechargeables, battery reporting will not be reliable and the battery will go from what appears to be about 50% to 0% almost immediately without warning. That’s why most device manufacturers advise against using rechargeables in these devices. If you’re OK with the uncertainty of it, or you always recharge your batteries on a fixed schedule, then obviously that’s your choice. But that’s why there aren’t many of these.

There are quite a few Z wave sensors which use AA or even 1/2 AA batteries, and you could use rechargeables for those, wit( the caveats above. Is that of any interest to you? :thinking:. Or are you only looking for Zigbee?

I have several of these and have been happy with them. They are rechargeable BUT the battery is built in, so when it goes (eventually), so does the sensor. The other thing is that you have to remove them from the door to recharge. It’s easy as it slides up and off its mounting bracket, but it will take a few hours to charge. I get a number of months before having to recharge.

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Wow those are interesting looking. Thanks!

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Very cool. This could work. Thanks!

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