Open/Close Sensor Battery Life/Reporting

I have an Open/Close sensor that is reporting battery life (in Events section of my IDE) between 10 to 15 times a minute. I have a total of 4 in the same room, and this is the only one doing it. It’s reporting it so much that the battery has drained 50% in 12 hours.

I noticed it when I first installed it. I replaced the batteries and it happened again. I performed a factory reset and included it in my network again at the point of installation (I thought it might be constantly searching for a signal…). I then performed the Z-wave Repair Utility a few times.

I’m still having the same result. Any thoughts/suggestions will be appreciated…

What’s the make/model of the sensor?

Are you using a stock DTH or custom?

All I did was exclude it and then add it to my network. I guess that would be stock DTH…?


Try to remove the battery and then reset it. Also reboot your hub.


  • I changed the batteries
  • Tried to exclude the sensor, but, it would not exclude. I performed a factory reset
  • I set it back up
  • rebooted the hub

Still having the same result. Reporting battery 3-5 times a minute now… The label is “z spare test battery”

Try a different battery. It appears to be toggling between 94 and 100. It could be a bad battery.

I’m sorry, I should have been more clear. This is the 3rd set of batteries (which I pulled out of a sensor reading 100%). Below is a snippet of what was happening when the 2nd set of batteries was installed (Same switch, just different label).

Anyone else have any ideas? Should I just call the sensor defective?