One thing Samsung needs to do

Good morning all I am one of the “lucky” few who are on the Insiders Testing group and have already experienced some of the issues many on here have posted about.

I would like to give some feedback through the Insiders campaign about your/our concerns and would be greatful if you could simply tell us what is the one thing that Samsung needs to do to make the platform viable.
I will pass these comments on and if I have any feedback will report back.
Many thanks for your time.

Well I will be first…make OAuth work in the UK (or make an App like SmartTiles)



OAuth is needed for many 3rd party integrations, so keep asking for it.

And we’ll be very happy to welcome you to the SmartTiles community!


I’m in regular communication with the insiders to see the feedback they are receiving. However, after the campaign is over, don’t hesitate to keep posting feedback here or emailing it directly to support@ - these are very important venues for us to connect with customers!

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