Samsung SAMI IO

@slagle From what I can tell there is (was?) a Samsung SAMI connect smart app that’s available to the US Smartthings users through the more section in smart apps. When can we expect this to return for UK customers? I want to easily track power usage etc.

I’ll have to check on this, I know we did a push to the UK folks yesterday, it may have showed up for you then? If not I will need to ask around to see whats up.

@slagle Just checked again. Still no SAMIO interface in either iOS or Android. Is this showing up for US users??

It’s OAuth and is plagued by the same issues other OAuth apps are, we are working to get all OAuth apps back up and running.

Do you have also the same problem with LIFX connect?Cause it stopped working for almost a week or more?

@slagle - Any news on this yet?

Been chasing samiio on Twitter for months. They keep saying they are working on it. May have found alternative will post if it works.

@slagle - Bump, any update??

@slagle - any update?