Samsung SAMI IO


@slagle From what I can tell there is (was?) a Samsung SAMI connect smart app that’s available to the US Smartthings users through the more section in smart apps. When can we expect this to return for UK customers? I want to easily track power usage etc.

(Tim Slagle) #2

I’ll have to check on this, I know we did a push to the UK folks yesterday, it may have showed up for you then? If not I will need to ask around to see whats up.


@slagle Just checked again. Still no SAMIO interface in either iOS or Android. Is this showing up for US users??

(Tim Slagle) #4

It’s OAuth and is plagued by the same issues other OAuth apps are, we are working to get all OAuth apps back up and running.

(Vagelis F ) #5

Do you have also the same problem with LIFX connect?Cause it stopped working for almost a week or more?


@slagle - Any news on this yet?

(ravi) #7

Been chasing samiio on Twitter for months. They keep saying they are working on it. May have found alternative will post if it works.


@slagle - Bump, any update??


@slagle - any update?